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  1. Miracle

    I disappeared again, I know. The truth is, I’ve been working on my latest project and I have to say it’s the most demanding and most precious of all the things I’ve done so far. Our little boy was born last June and since then it’s been a whirlwind of emotions and time spent getting […]

  2. New look

    After much planning, sketching, coding and debugging, Cotton Strudel has been reformatted. It feels so much better! My poor little online sketchbook had become a messy workspace and therefore a bit abandoned. You know when you’ve been sewing for a while and your desk is so cluttered with materials that it takes you a good […]

  3. Collaboration

    I think it’s time to tell you about my big project for 2010. Well, it’s not just my project but rather a collaboration with the husband. I’m expecting a baby for late Spring and we couldn’t be any more excited. I know it sounds silly to people who haven’t experienced it but it is truly […]

  4. Last craft of the year

    Don’t worry, I don’t mean this year but the last one. Between the mad dash between Christmas and New Year, I decided I needed to finally sew covers for the new pillows we’d had for ages lying in the spare room. It was part trying to get a head start on organising the house – […]

  5. Bits and pieces

    Happy Halloween everyone! A brief update on crafty bits of my life. My birthday last month brought about major spoiling by lovely friends and family. I got lots of books and have finally managed to update my craft library. It is quite amazing to see my craft books all lined up. One the one hand, […]

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