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  1. 365 ~ Days 1 to 7

    Following Benita‘s lead, I’ve decided to take at least one photo a day to keep me connected to my creative side. Here’s the first week. This kid is constant motion. Even when tired. Transferring frozen cubes of homemade food into storage bags. The little one has food for quite a while now. Finding inspiration to […]

  2. Trifle + parfait

    Remember the fake trifle I told you about a couple of years ago? Well, the idea has been revised for 2009. We were planning a menu for last Saturday and thought it would be a perfect time for making the first fake trifles of the season. Of course, the season being spring with summer not […]

  3. Colourful cooking

    It happened a couple of times last week. While getting dinner ready all the lovely chopped veggies mixed together into little colour palettes. Of course, I couldn’t help but get the camera and take a few snaps. My camera and I didn’t spend nearly as much time together as we should have last year and […]

  4. Sunday

  5. Mouse

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