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  1. 365 ~ Days 22 to 28

    Knitting bigger hats. I do think he should slow down with this growing up thing. Glorious scones. I wonder if I’ll ever grow tired of them. I don’t see how that could happen. My days are really full now but it feels good to stretch myself and cook healthy again every day. Especially when a […]

  2. 365 ~ Days 15 to 21

    Helping the husband make fruit cake. I always think the dried fruit bits soaking in juice look like little jewels. The colours are irresistible and I always grab the camera when I see them. Pizza while watching award shows was a tradition started with my sisters. Now I share it with the husband. It feels […]

  3. 365 ~ Days 8 to 14

    Putting down the holiday decorations. It’s amazing how fast the season flashed by. Baking Madeira cake with a twist: using orange juice and rind instead of lemon. Very, very nice. Will definitely try this one again. My little helper who now follows me everywhere I go. Curious monkey. Working on my inspiration book. Flipping through […]

  4. 365 ~ Days 1 to 7

    Following Benita‘s lead, I’ve decided to take at least one photo a day to keep me connected to my creative side. Here’s the first week. This kid is constant motion. Even when tired. Transferring frozen cubes of homemade food into storage bags. The little one has food for quite a while now. Finding inspiration to […]

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