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  1. Thinking

    The spring cleaning this year has reached the blog. I have been thinking for a while about this space and why it seems to have been dormant for so long. The easy answer was that I have been very busy with work and the house and life in general. However, during these silent months, I […]

  2. Sitekeeping

    As many of you out there, I am also guilty of reading lots and lots of blogs. And given the opportunity, I’d gladly spend the whole day at the computer discovering new ones instead of doing whatever I’m supposed to be doing. It’s hard to keep up with what everyone is doing out there, but […]

  3. Guided Tour

    Since this is my new place I thought you might like to have a quick guided tour. Hopefully the site is user-friendly enough to make it easy to find your way around but just in case you missed anything here are some tips. The site consists of four main sections – Me, Projects, Links and […]

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