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  1. Fall cleaning

    It’s amazing how fast six weeks can slip by, especially if they’re full of dear visitors, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and of course, a growing baby. This summer was definitely a hectic and fun one full of new adventures. The kid is now a little over 3 months, which means the house has been in a […]

  2. New sofa

    Well, not really. We thought of getting some of those fancy recliners for our bedroom with visions of cuddling up with a good book at night, before going to bed. We were really excited about the idea but after careful measurements, and some blueprints made out of newspaper, we realised it wouldn’t be possible. Not […]

  3. Good friends

    This is what I saw last night when I was getting ready for bed. Looks like Handmade Dog and Stanley are becoming good friends and they like to spend time together discussing all those things dogs talk about when they get together… Either that or the husband has been playing with his toys :-)

  4. Natural cleaning

    Thanks for all the welcome backs. It feels nice to know you were all still checking up on the blog. So, one of my resolutions for this new season was to try and be more earth-friendly while cleaning the house. I wasn’t sure where to start and so I bought a copy of “Clean House, […]

  5. Christmas all around

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here… The boxes full of ornaments and lights came out and we spent a good part of the weekend decorating the house. Who knew it took so much time? I still can’t believe Christmas is around the corner. I even complained last week when I started […]

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