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  1. Blogging in my head

    If there was a way I could invent a way of publishing the posts I write in my head while I go about my day, you would have a lovely idea of what I’ve been up to in the last two months. Sadly, I’ve yet to find that solution. Abby (Hi Abby, it was great […]

  2. Sewing away

    There you have it, mystery revealed. Or at least part of it ;-) All those dotty fabrics were used to create bedding for our little one’s bassinet. I must say I’m quite pleased with it, especially for having been done on the fly! This is where the baby will sleep by our bed for the […]

  3. Closing projects

    The other day, while I was cleaning my studio, the inevitable happened. One after the next, started projects in all shapes and sizes began appearing. It’s not the first time this rolls around. I’m always excited about this new craft or that new project and sometimes some of the ideas get pushed aside and put […]

  4. Party time

    The other day, I got a phone call from a friend to ask if I could help her organise her daughter’s second birthday party. Her second birthday? Already? But I haven’t yet got round to posting about the first one! Didn’t we just finish organising that one? Can you believe it? Shame on me, it’s […]

  5. Edgy stuff

    The yarn has arrived and I have no excuse now. Plenty of material from the same dye lot to start edging my granny squares. I’m actually looking forward to it, if I keep a steady pace, we could have a new blanket just in time for winter. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Better go clean up […]

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