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  1. New look

    After much planning, sketching, coding and debugging, Cotton Strudel has been reformatted. It feels so much better! My poor little online sketchbook had become a messy workspace and therefore a bit abandoned. You know when you’ve been sewing for a while and your desk is so cluttered with materials that it takes you a good […]

  2. Harrods’ packaging

    The Food Halls in Harrods are a sight to be seen. Not only are they laid out beautifully and provide a wide variety of treats but their packaging is quite inspiring. We do like their tea and so it wasn’t long before we both had our arms full of these colourful tins and boxes. I’ll […]

  3. Work Spaces

    My work space is in need of a change. Can you help? About three years ago, I decided to turn the room I used as my work space into a proper studio. I knew I would like to share the room with my husband so we could both spend time together while working on our […]

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