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  1. Swirl cake

    One of the things that people with children warn you about when they find out you’re expecting is the lack of personal time you’ll experience. They are right. The first few weeks with a newborn at home just melt into one long day broken up into a repetitive sequence of feeding, sleeping, changing nappies. I […]

  2. Party time

    The other day, I got a phone call from a friend to ask if I could help her organise her daughter’s second birthday party. Her second birthday? Already? But I haven’t yet got round to posting about the first one! Didn’t we just finish organising that one? Can you believe it? Shame on me, it’s […]

  3. Trifle + parfait

    Remember the fake trifle I told you about a couple of years ago? Well, the idea has been revised for 2009. We were planning a menu for last Saturday and thought it would be a perfect time for making the first fake trifles of the season. Of course, the season being spring with summer not […]

  4. Weekend review

    We had a lovely weekend doing lots of things. A bit of chores and a lot of hobbies made the two days stretch longer than usual. I spent a lot of my free time during the weekend working away on my cross stitch. Sitting on the sofa by the window, I had a great view […]

  5. Orange + cranberry

    As you can see, I was at it again. The quest for the perfect scone continues. This recipe for orange and cranberry scones was passed on by a friend. Her husband baked a batch and they were absolutely delicious. The orange flavour was the first thing that hit your senses and when you bit into […]

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