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  1. Knitting for baby

    The wonderful thing about knitting for baby is that the projects are quite short, or at least the simple ones I choose are, and so it’s a lot of instant gratification. The booties above were knitted years ago using a pattern my gran knew by heart. As soon as she found out that someone was […]

  2. Closing projects

    The other day, while I was cleaning my studio, the inevitable happened. One after the next, started projects in all shapes and sizes began appearing. It’s not the first time this rolls around. I’m always excited about this new craft or that new project and sometimes some of the ideas get pushed aside and put […]

  3. Edgy stuff

    The yarn has arrived and I have no excuse now. Plenty of material from the same dye lot to start edging my granny squares. I’m actually looking forward to it, if I keep a steady pace, we could have a new blanket just in time for winter. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Better go clean up […]

  4. Progress update

    I have to admit that my mum finished our cross stitch challenge before me. I like to claim that it is because I was working on other projects too at the time but I guess I should come to terms with the fact that she’s a lot more experienced than me :-) Silliness aside, working […]

  5. Weekend review

    We had a lovely weekend doing lots of things. A bit of chores and a lot of hobbies made the two days stretch longer than usual. I spent a lot of my free time during the weekend working away on my cross stitch. Sitting on the sofa by the window, I had a great view […]

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