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  1. Replenishing

    Stocking up

    Nothing like a few days off to try and get ahead of the game again.

    I’m catching up on news – am I the last one to find out that Kelly and Mariko have opened the lovely SuperBuzzy to supply us all with cuteness? And how about Hillary and her adorable new project? – and seeing what everyone else has been up to. Very inspiring.

    I’ve been reading my book in the evenings, finishing late birthday presents (it’ll soon be on its way, little E) and cleaning the studio for new projects.

    Speaking of which, has anyone else started their Christmas list yet? I thought I’d slowly get started on homemade presents so that I don’t end up like last year, knitting desperately even while I wait for the pasta water to boil so I can meet mailing deadlines.

    The difference this year is the blog. How can I show you all what I’m working on without the family seeing what will be under their tree?

    Pondering my next move in this matter has not stopped me from stocking up on some materials for the mentioned presents, as you can see. I’m not sure how it happened, but a few things for me magically appeared in my shopping trolley :-)

    Which reminds me I’d better have a go at that crochet pattern I started last night. I’m not sure if it was the wine, or the time of day but those instructions did not make much sense.

    Wish me luck!

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    1. geek+nerd | 16:08 | 4.09.06

      I started in January with a Craftalong from Craftster, trying to do one Christmas themed thing a month, and have not done a thing since January, HA! I’m going to try and catch myself up on the categories shortly!

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    2. mama | 0:54 | 5.09.06

      Que linda foto!!!!!

      Te invita a hacer crafts!!!!!!

      Revisare las mias……. ;-))))

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    3. molly | 5:00 | 5.09.06

      oh my! christmas. I’m so not there yet! cute fabrics. and love that big bag of yarn in the background.

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    4. hannah | 5:42 | 5.09.06

      oh yes, the christmas list is rustling in the deepest, dusty corner of my brain. and the blog does pose a problem, doesnt it? dang…

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    5. Tania Ho | 6:55 | 5.09.06

      x-mas list ? oh no, I don’t want to start thinking about that yet (although you’re right, maybe it would be better if I did … last year it was a rush to get everything done !)

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    6. Moni | 6:15 | 6.09.06

      I’ve just sent the kids off to school and am already writing xmas lists. Slightly depressing. but time flies. So off sewing I go!

      Cute fabrics.

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    7. lera | 14:36 | 7.09.06

      I’ve been pondering Christmas lists and presents, too.

      I’m looking for some fresh ideas. Love to see if you have any.

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    8. kelly | 14:41 | 7.09.06

      :) don’t worry, we’ve saved some goodies for you! Christmas crafting?!? yikes… I’m already feeling behind on Halloween, but I haven’t gotten as far as Christmas yet!

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    9. Jenny | 14:47 | 7.09.06

      We’ve had a family “rule” for the last few years that we exchange only homemade gifts…I was also thinking about how to make my gifts and post about them without revealing too much…maybe I’ll just have to restrain myself and write about them in January!

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