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  1. The birthday present

    Birthday Present

    Yes, I know. How lucky can one girl get?

    Not only did I spend the weekend, my actual birthday and yesterday celebrating my birthday and being spoilt by friends, family and co-workers, but the husband got me a fantastic new camera.

    Can’t wait to finish reading the manual so I can take it for a test drive.

    Suddenly all crafts have momentarily been put on hold ;-)

    Oh, and this post states my 100th mark in the blogging world. Thank you to all of you who visit Cotton Strudel, leave me encouraging comments and have made this journey a very special one.

    I guess I’ll go celebrate a bit more now…

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    1. Mama Urchin | 18:00 | 13.09.06

      Oh, a new camera is always fun! So what kind is it? details, we need details.

    2. hazelblackberry | 18:55 | 13.09.06

      Happy birthday, Cotton Strudel. Looking forward to seeing some more of your lovely photographs.

    3. claudia | 21:49 | 13.09.06

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Happy 100!!!

    4. chicadecanela | 0:28 | 14.09.06

      ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Y qué regalo! Seguro que harás unas fotos geniales con ella.
      Un saludo. :)

    5. Tania Ho | 0:34 | 14.09.06

      Happy Birthday, Adriana … and have fun with your new camera :)

    6. molly | 5:21 | 14.09.06

      OH MY GOODNESS!!happy birthday! and what a wonderful gift!! yay for you….I’m so excited. Go celebrate and come back with some fabulous pictures! xo

    7. Claudia | 5:53 | 14.09.06

      Happy Birthday – and what a fab present!!!!

    8. hannah | 10:26 | 14.09.06

      happy birthday! is that the d50? i am hoping one comes to my house for christmas… i guess that means i have to be a good girl!

    9. vanessa | 12:07 | 14.09.06

      oh wow! that’s so cool. Happy belated birthday.

    10. Ali | 13:01 | 14.09.06

      Happy birthday, happy 100th, happy new camera! What a great day!

    11. tania | 13:16 | 14.09.06

      woo woo! happy birthday!!
      what a great camera-

    12. Gina | 14:38 | 14.09.06

      Happy Birthday to you and glad to hear it was a lovely one. You will have to let us know how the camera goes, mine is on its last leg and it takes some encouragement and patience on my part for it to even somewhat focus to take a picture.

    13. Moni | 0:19 | 15.09.06

      happy birthday and look forward to see all the fantastic photos!

    14. nichola | 21:40 | 15.09.06

      Happy Birthday!! and Happy 100th too. What a lovely present.

    15. Fiona | 22:54 | 17.09.06

      Oooh, lovely present! :) Happy belated birthday – hope you had a wonderful day.

    16. sally | 11:50 | 19.09.06

      Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Fantastic new camera!

    17. li li | 1:25 | 20.09.06

      Happy belated birthday!!! :D

    18. Blair | 19:18 | 24.09.06

      How in the world did I miss you birthday?? I guess better late than never, hope you had a wonderful day. And you’re such a pro, its hard to believe you’re only 100 posts into this.

      I’m sick with envy over that camera. Enjoy!

    19. rebecca | 16:48 | 3.10.06

      happy happy day!
      ya gotta give us the specs of your new toy…. i’m in the market and yours looks fab!

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