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    big necklace

    I have a very distinct memory of running to my mum’s room as a child whenever she was tidying up her closet. My mum had the coolest treasures hidden away.

    Fantastic clogs that made me look so tall and that I wore until my feet outgrew them and it was really dangerous walk in them, the grooviest 60’s and 70’s clothes and then there was the blue box.

    It was a big wooden rectangle, painted blue with red and yellow flowers on top. I’m not sure what the box belonged to, but my mum used it to keep her old jewelry. It was like a true treasure chest. Long chains, colourful beads, broches, medallions and a very patient mum who let you try everything on and told you stories about where each piece came from made for a fantastic lazy afternoon.

    It’s funny how certain moments that seem little and mundane have a way of sticking to your memory and accompany you through life. I think this particular one started jumping up and down when I saw the big beads at the art store the other day. I felt drawn to them and once I had them in my hands, I couldn’t put them back.

    A bit of wandering around to find some nice contrasting beads and this necklace was born, just in time for summer and as a little nod to those crazy afternoons dressing up.

    I’ll need to find a nice blue box to store it in.

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    1. Christy | 1:13 | 4.07.08

      That’s so pretty!

    2. geek+nerd | 5:45 | 8.07.08

      I love big chunky necklaces like that. I own quite a few! Yours is lovely. Great story as well!

    3. Lori Shaffer | 14:56 | 11.08.08

      How neat, but my mother had a blue jewelry box, too. Her father (who died when she was 7) made it for her, and she kept all her old jewelry in it also, up in the top of her closet. And just like you, I spent many an afternoon trying it all on (and her makeup, too). Those were fond memories. Now I have a box with fairies all over it in my closet for my little girl to go through. :) Some things never change.

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