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  1. Harrods’ packaging

    Harrods Afternoon

    The Food Halls in Harrods are a sight to be seen. Not only are they laid out beautifully and provide a wide variety of treats but their packaging is quite inspiring.

    Harrods 14

    We do like their tea and so it wasn’t long before we both had our arms full of these colourful tins and boxes.

    Harrods Loose Leaf

    I’ll need to figure out a good place to display them all. My tea drawer is already full!

    Harrods Fruit

    In other news, I finished my latest scarf. It has a funky texture and feels nice and soft against my skin. Have you noticed it’s quite tough to photograph a scarf while you’re wearing it?

    Finished scarf

    I do like this shot though.

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    1. Pina | 4:39 | 13.11.15

      I think that A stands out more and the colros are bright which catches your eye. This flavor ismy all time favorite tea and if it has a good taste of cinnamon and orange I will love it. Did youalso put some spices in it like cloves etc.? Just curious as that makes a cold day with snowgo so much easier whith a beautiful cup of aromatic tea.,..

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