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    There you have it, mystery revealed. Or at least part of it ;-)

    All those dotty fabrics were used to create bedding for our little one’s bassinet. I must say I’m quite pleased with it, especially for having been done on the fly!

    This is where the baby will sleep by our bed for the first few months and it is very special because it comes with a history. The bassinet you see above was bought by my mum many years ago when she was newly pregnant. As you can imagine, it was chosen with a lot of love and dreams of what the future might hold…

    Little did she know that not only would all her kids sleep in it but also her grandchildren would! When my sister found out she was pregnant, she requested it and after sewing new bedding for it, her kids spent their first months there too.

    And now it’s my turn. We were not sure at first whether we’d be able to ship it over, but after inquiring here and there we found out it could be done. It may not be the most modern or fancy one but I’m thrilled to have it with me. It just radiates so much love and happiness and has a beautiful history.

    Once it arrived, I had to start measuring and thinking on bedding. Since we’re not finding out whether we’re having a boy or a girl, I had to choose a neutral pattern and when I saw all those dots at the fabric shop I knew it was the one.

    I first made the padding to go round the basket, as you see in the photo above. I knew I wanted a skirt around it to cover the little old legs but I wasn’t sure I wanted to sew it onto the padding as I quite like how it looks without it. I think it’ll be good if I want to take the basket with me anywhere, I can just leave the legs and skirt at home. Then baby will have a safe and known bed wherever we go!

    bassinet skirt

    I used two different colours for the skirt and think it looks quite nice. I simply sewed a long strip of fabric, added some elastic and now it can be just adjusted over the padding. It works rather well and I’m happy to have it as two separate pieces.

    The skirt is not as full as I had hoped when I first planned it and that’s probably due to my poor measuring but I think overall it has a modern feel to it and I am pleased.

    It fits quite nicely next to the bed and it’s the right height to pick up the baby without having to leave the bed.

    bassinet complete

    The last thing to do was to make a sheet to cover the mattress. I did a simple fitted one and that completes the look. Well, I am working on the last element for it, but that will take quite a few more weeks still ;-)

    The next fabrics are already being sewn into a little something else for baby… Stay tuned.

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    1. Mariela | 15:13 | 12.03.10

      Adorable! I’m soooo happy the bassinet will have a new tenant. I’m sure he/she will love it just as much as all the previous ones. I wonder who will be next…… I love the fabrics. Dots, dots everywhere!!! :)

    2. Spencer | 20:50 | 7.04.10

      Ahhhhh……’s so darn cute. I’m sure your little munchkin’s going to be very cozy.

      Warm baby blessings,

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