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    One of the things that people with children warn you about when they find out you’re expecting is the lack of personal time you’ll experience.

    They are right. The first few weeks with a newborn at home just melt into one long day broken up into a repetitive sequence of feeding, sleeping, changing nappies. I completely lost track of time. Didn’t know what day it was, is it time to eat lunch already? But I just got dressed, surely it’s breakfast time.

    As the weeks move on, and still with sleep deprivation, you figure out how to make the most of the bits of time when the little one sleeps. Of course, since those times are very inconsistent (you can’t be sure when they’re coming or how long they’ll last) you must be flexible. And realistic too, sometimes you have to use them to catch up on sleep.


    Then again, sometimes it’s worth trading a bit of sleep for a bit of homemade goodness. Especially on a Sunday, when it’s lazy day and you can lounge with the newspaper or a movie and need something to go with our cup of tea.


    Eager to try something new, I went for the swirl cake in the current issue of Everyday Food. The recipe calls for blackberries but I had lots of blueberries waiting to be used. Very delicious, especially with a little bit of sour cream on top.


    The good news about the whole exercise is that I learned when time’s not abundant, I become more efficient.

    Off to sleep now before someone wakes up…

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    1. Ali | 4:47 | 29.07.10

      I remember it well – but you’re right – I was much more efficient then. Cannot believe how much time I have wasted this summer in comparison. But the down-time feels good anyway.

    2. Dani | 21:01 | 30.07.10

      I am glad to see that you are finding time to cook and write on your blog. Beautiful cake! I wish I had your energy – currently, my choice is always to nap :-)

    3. Michael - Innkeeper | 11:27 | 4.08.10

      wow. your picture are stunning and the swirl cake looks so yummy. i had to resist from licking my screen!

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