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  1. Fall cleaning


    It’s amazing how fast six weeks can slip by, especially if they’re full of dear visitors, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and of course, a growing baby. This summer was definitely a hectic and fun one full of new adventures.

    The kid is now a little over 3 months, which means the house has been in a bit of a mess for just as long. The husband and I did an awful lot of house tidying and projects just before I gave birth but there’s only so much I could do towards the end of my pregnancy carrying around a big, heavy belly.

    So now that the little one and I are slowly getting into a routine, I’m starting to have crazy ideas of house reorganisation. I should really say decluttering since the house is organised but I am one of those people who hangs on to things in case they might be useful one day. I’m recovering from it and I think I become a little bit more ruthless every time I declutter but I do need to do it often. Things that were saved the last time might go on this round and therefore, the house benefits from it.

    One of the presents for my birthday a couple of weeks ago was the book “Home Comforts” by Cheryl Mendelson. I started reading it and the idea came into my head: it is time for fall cleaning, which is the same as spring cleaning but getting the house ready for the autumn. So here I am, reading away, supplementing with Martha Stewart’s Housekeeping Manual and making lists of what needs to be done in each room.

    I’ve always been a fan of organising but I do realise (I learned it the hard way) that with a baby time is limited. I don’t really have the luxury of having a full, uninterrupted afternoon in which to empty all my shelves, sort, clean and put things away again. However, it is not impossible and if you catch me on a specially optimistic day, it’s even better. You see, once I came to terms with the idea that this time around I should feel proud of myself for doing at least a couple of drawers each day, I happily started planning and since time is limited, I was very efficient in organising the chest of drawers that sits as my bedside table. Now my underwear and bags are all in order and I was quite ruthless binning and giving stuff away so I have extra room! No time for second guessing, which in my case is a wonderful thing.

    So at least one thing a day is what I plan to do. Yesterday was undies and bags. Today a bit of photo tidying on the computer and bill paying. It’s tough but not impossible. I should have a lovely organised home by Christmas.

    A girl can dream, right?

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    1. Abby Glassenberg | 18:08 | 22.09.10

      I think one of the biggest gifts having a baby gives us is the gift of appreciating time. After you have a baby you see that each moment of peace and freedom is to be savored. And you become so productive!!

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