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  1. 365 ~ Days 15 to 21


    Helping the husband make fruit cake. I always think the dried fruit bits soaking in juice look like little jewels. The colours are irresistible and I always grab the camera when I see them.


    Pizza while watching award shows was a tradition started with my sisters. Now I share it with the husband. It feels deliciously naughty to be munching on junk food while watching beautiful dresses and “choosing” which ones I’d like to own. Simple guilty pleasure, I guess.


    Dark chocolate covered almond treats. I should have kept on walking when I spotted them in the shop. I simply couldn’t resist them.


    Trying to keep up with the little hungry caterpillar. Must be another growth spurt. Or perhaps the constant motion.


    Christmas in the mail. Beautiful necklace. She has impeccable taste.


    They say colds last three weeks or 21 days, right? It means mine should have only 24 hours left. Keeping my fingers crossed.


    The great thing about Christmas parcels delayed by the snow storms is delicious chocolates in January. Who can argue with that?

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