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  1. His name is Andy Pandy

    Andy Pandy

    Now that he’s arrived safely after his transatlantic flight, I can tell you all about Andy.

    Two weeks ago I realised I needed a cute little panda to go and visit someone I like very much. I suddenly remembered about talented Lyn’s website and her adorable Anna Panda tutorial.

    I quickly gathered the materials, drew the pattern and started sewing happily. It was so much fun to see the little one slowly come together and get his personality. He was finished in an afternoon and I was very pleased with the results.

    Here’s his back pocket where he carries some extra love and positive energy.

    Back Pocket

    I quickly snapped the photos you see here and off he went in an envelope to stay with someone very dear who’s recovering from a successful operation. He’s very fond of pandas, so I thought he’d enjoy this.

    The new owner’s task was to give the little panda a name. I got an email today stating that his name is Andy Pandy. So everybody, meet Andy Pandy :-)

    Thanks for the tutorial, Lyn!

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    1. Oiyi | 7:20 | 14.03.06

      Oh, it’s so cute! You did a great job.

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    2. Jan | 7:26 | 14.03.06

      That little guy would lift anyone’s spirits!

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    3. mi2 | 8:23 | 14.03.06

      He is soooooooooo Cute! Now I want to make one!! ^_^

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    4. sally | 8:45 | 14.03.06

      He’s the perfect little panda. The stitches are alll so perfect!

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    5. brenda | 9:30 | 14.03.06

      good work! very cute

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    6. abbyjane | 15:29 | 14.03.06

      He is very cute. Your stitching is so neat and tidy and I love the contrast between black and white and the red background in the photo.

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    7. Blair | 16:25 | 14.03.06

      Andy Pandy sure made me smile. Your work is impeccable, really. Those stitches looked measured!

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    8. laurie | 18:35 | 14.03.06

      Andy is so wonderful – I love the heart. Very sweet. :)

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    9. lyn | 1:27 | 15.03.06

      : )
      He’s lovely.

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    10. mama | 1:44 | 15.03.06

      Una sola palabra:herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmoso!!!!!!!

      Cual es su talla????

      A mi entender te salio: perfecto y adorable!!!!!!!!

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    11. Heather | 7:41 | 15.03.06

      Andy Pandy carries some extra love in his back pocket because he was made with such lovely little stitches! His new owner is a lucky fellow! Fun blog!

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    12. kelly | 18:43 | 15.03.06

      andy pandy is gorgeous! i’m sure he has brought much love and snuggling to the recipient!

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    13. Kitty Jimjams | 0:42 | 16.03.06

      Oh, he’s just the business! So neat and nifty!

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    14. tania | 13:55 | 16.03.06

      aw!! he is lovely-

      thankyou for the illustrator pep talk! my confidence needed that! and i may email you if i am stuck-crazy pen tool-

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    15. Shelley | 21:02 | 16.03.06

      I’m so happy to find others who like embroidery other than cross-stitch. This little panda is darling. You did a great job on him.

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    16. Kelli | 12:29 | 17.03.06

      You did an excellent job. I have someone in my life who loves pandas too. I’ll have to use this!

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    17. Song Cho | 20:05 | 21.05.06

      So Cute panda you made^^
      I am sure all of my family love this panda^^
      Thanks for share your works.
      Tomorrow I want to try to make that for my daughter

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