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    What a hectic weekend we’ve had.

    Aurora had some visitors who came to see her and enjoy the sunny weather we’ve been having lately. Now if you thought one giraffe was trouble, just wait until you have a whole lot of them!

    I had a lot of fun making Aurora and so decided to have another go. I then found that lovely caramel fabric and couldn’t resist, so the one more go turned into many of them.

    I’m very happy with the results as they reminded me why handmade things are so special. I remember when I first started making crafts – many, many years ago – how frustrated I felt when my things did not look as “perfect” as store bought products. Well, what would be the point? Isn’t it fascinating to closely look at something handmade? To try and decipher all the secrets that went into making it? To admire an artist’s skills?

    Sweet faces

    So here they are, six giraffes made out of the same pattern yet each one has their very own personality and trademarks. And I wasn’t even trying to make them different, it seems my hands just worked that way. I find that fascinating.

    Here’s the official portrait. A trip souvenir of sorts…

    Official Portrait

    It took hours to get them all to stand up straight and look at the camera. For the backstage photos, have a look here.

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    1. bessilu | 8:53 | 20.03.06

      I adore them all in a row like that!!

    2. abbyjane | 9:21 | 20.03.06

      Wow! I just love them, all of them. They have the sweetest faces. Just a terrific series. That that picture could become a great promo postcard if you ever wanted to get some printed up for a show or something. Thanks for the great post today!

    3. Mama Urchin | 9:32 | 20.03.06

      They are sooooo cute. We went to a zoo once where you were allowed to feed the giraffes. These remind me of those real giraffes — so sweet and friendly.

    4. laurie | 9:35 | 20.03.06

      Ha! Those are adorable. Isn’t is a wonderful feeling to complete a whole batch together? Well done!

    5. Cassi | 11:11 | 20.03.06

      What a wonderful herd you have! Giraffes are just the sweetest and you’ve really captured that with your designs :)

    6. lyn | 12:07 | 20.03.06

      They are so GORGEOUS !!!

    7. Samantha | 12:23 | 20.03.06

      The girls look as though they were very well behaved for you. They are all lovely!

    8. sally | 13:15 | 20.03.06

      The giraffe herd is adorable!

    9. tracy | 14:15 | 20.03.06

      these are fantastic :)

    10. Fiona | 14:57 | 20.03.06

      These are just gorgeous! I love how they are all similar, but each has their own individual charm. Lovely!

    11. Oiyi | 16:54 | 20.03.06


    12. mama | 16:57 | 20.03.06

      No lo puedo creer. lo que vi!!!!!!!!!!

      Lo mire diez veces y no entendia!!!!!!!!!!



      Da para mayores comentarios…………

    13. anjo | 18:27 | 20.03.06

      Wow! You have been supremely busy…they are all so adorable, and it’s true, they do indeed each have their own personality. Nifty-cute! They all turned out so wonderul it makes me pine away for all the vintage stuffed animal patterns I have stuffed around here some place, yet never have the time for.

      Will they all live with you or will they each find their own home eventually? They would make for perfect little gifties for wee ones + more.

    14. decemberflower | 19:12 | 20.03.06

      Aww, those are adorable.

    15. Zelia Evora | 2:40 | 21.03.06

      I loved them… they look even better all together!


    16. Blair | 16:10 | 21.03.06

      These are great! Such a perfect animal soft toy for a boy or a girl (for my boy or my girl). Are you going to sell them? Please?

    17. rebecca | 18:55 | 21.03.06

      awwwww! absolutely adorable! (guess they’re the A team ;P )

    18. MissMeshell | 4:37 | 22.03.06

      OH. MY. GOSH. They are absolutely adorable, amazing, gorgeous…and every other nice describing word I can think of! :)
      They do all have personalities, and I love the pics, especially the second one where it looks like they are all peering at you.
      Just gorgeous :)
      MissMeshell xx

    19. ToadyJoe | 7:05 | 22.03.06

      OMG are you selling? Cuz I’m buying, if you are!

      Wait, maybe I should check the price, first.

      NAAAAHHHHHHHH, just gimme! I was SOLD when there was just one.

    20. Stephanie | 15:40 | 29.03.06

      these are just amazing! i got inspired to make a stuffed giraffe while at the zoo this week, but now that i’ve seen these, i think i’ll just leave it to you! wonderful.

    21. Stephanie | 9:27 | 30.03.06

      I just love them. They’re so much fun. Great job with the photography (and stories behind them!). I escpecially love the backstage photos. Did you make those skates specifically for the giraffes?

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