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    New skirt

    Well, I’ve finally finished my mystery sewing project. It’s a skirt!

    I’m quite tall and I like wearing very long skirts so it’s always a challenge to find the right length. Skirts are always too short to be long or I need to wear them quite low at my waist which is not always what I want.

    When my mum was here she encouraged me to go ahead and give sewing clothes a try. Together we chose – or more like me asking her at every turn of the catalogue page Is this easy enough for me? – a simple pattern and some inexpensive fabric to give it a try.

    I’ve been patiently cutting long strips of fabric and sewing and sewing and a bit more sewing since she left. Yesterday I sort of finished it. I still have to properly finish all the inside hems and pull out the basting thread but I couldn’t wait any longer to try it on. And even though the light wasn’t perfect I just had to take some photos.

    New skirt

    Look! I did it!

    I believe I see more handmade clothes in my future…

    Update : Thanks for all the lovely comments. If I can do it, so can you! For all of you who asked, the pattern is Simplicity 4595. Let me know if you make a skirt. I’d love to see it.

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    1. Blair | 7:04 | 9.05.06

      Can you share what pattern you used? I’ve been looking for a skirt just like the shape of yours. You did a fantastic job!

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    2. misere | 7:34 | 9.05.06

      it’s beautiful! please please please please do share the pattern…much as i try to avoid sewing, this skirt is too perfect for me not to want to try.

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    3. sally | 7:40 | 9.05.06

      Oh I love your skirt. I’m short, but love long skirts! =)

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    4. Mrs. Happy Housewife | 9:04 | 9.05.06

      Your skirt is lovely. I especially like the fabric. Three Peas has a three-tiered skirt tutorial, so you can make one without a pattern:

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    5. emily | 9:05 | 9.05.06

      The skirt looks great! I love it. The fabric is pretty too, it goes well with the pattern.

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    6. Nancy | 9:07 | 9.05.06

      Oh my! It is beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

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    7. abbyjane | 9:25 | 9.05.06

      I’m really impressed. Sewing clothes is so intimidating. Good for you for giving it a go – the skirt looks really wearable and perfect for spring weather.

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    8. Bessilu | 11:27 | 9.05.06

      It looks great! I’m always scared to sew something for myself!

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    9. mama | 12:53 | 9.05.06

      Solo una palabra:herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmosa!!!!!!

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    10. Gina L | 12:54 | 9.05.06

      You did a most wonderful job! I love the fabric you used. I wear my skirts long too and all the pretty skirts in the stores are minis so I have bought a pattern and even the fabric but….that was about 2, maybe 3 months ago. I really should just jump in and make it.

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    11. patricia | 13:08 | 9.05.06

      love it! I’ve been thinking about trying to make a skirt and this is very encouraging. now I just need to find a pattern…

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    12. Jillian | 13:23 | 9.05.06

      I think it’s gorgeous, I’m inspired…!

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    13. lera | 15:13 | 9.05.06

      Lovely skirt! I have the same “tall-ness” problem that you have. Nothing is EVER the right length. I, too, sew to get the length I need.

      Good job on the skirt.

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    14. nichola | 18:41 | 9.05.06

      It looks wonderful! You did a fantastic job. Yay for handmade clothes!

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    15. Jessica | 20:00 | 9.05.06

      It is going to be a big project for me this summer with my friend Valerie to make a A-line skirt. You have encouraged me even more to persue this endeavor. I have always been fearful, but I am ready to take the plunge

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    16. Tania Ho | 23:17 | 9.05.06

      it’s lovely, now you’ve inspired to try and make one myself :-) and that fabric .. it’s gorgeous **

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    17. alice | 2:21 | 10.05.06

      You lucky thing – being tall is great for the way clothes look, isn’t it? I have to choose with care, being only 5ft2. Your skirt is fab. I did quite a lot of clothes-making a year or so ago, but knitting is so much more convenient, as you don’t have to get out the sewing-machine, make space etc…..

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    18. MAVE | 3:47 | 10.05.06

      Buenisma!!!!!!!! Que es lo proximo? Felicitaciones!!!!!!!!!

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    19. laurie | 7:54 | 10.05.06

      okay, you’ve completely impressed and shamed me. i’ve got to try a skirt again just to redeem myself. yours is lovely – great photos too!

      p.s. i’m looking for 100% cotton twill tape. mine current stash is 50/50

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    20. molly | 9:44 | 10.05.06

      I’m tall too and I have the SAME problem with skirts. You did an amazing job with this! I’m totally cheering for you because I want to try sewing something for myself too. And you did it!! yay!
      It looks beautiful….

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    21. heather | 16:20 | 11.05.06

      well done! i love skirts like that. oh, i want to join in the first-time sew along :)

      and hey, gathers aren’t too easy! but you did a great job.

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    22. Alicia P. | 20:32 | 12.05.06

      Oh, it’s lovely! You should wear it while drinking Margaritas on your balcony overlooking the ocean at sunset!

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    23. mary | 20:43 | 12.05.06

      great skirt and I love the fabric.

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    24. paradise | 8:19 | 13.05.06

      great skirt! i wish i had sewing skills but alas, i don’t. i grew up on homemade clothes b/c my mum loved to make them for us so now it has actually had the opposite effect on me. i buy everything i can and the closest i get to “handmade” is custom tailoring!

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    25. koffiekitten | 11:05 | 14.05.06

      looks great !

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    26. Marie | 20:54 | 14.05.06

      This is a beautiful skirt!! Great job!

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    27. momo | 18:56 | 19.05.06

      i LOVE this skirt!! ^^

      for the crochet mobile i made, i used yarns and not threads =)

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    28. Molly | 8:04 | 15.11.10

      This is so adorable. I haven’t figured out how to make too many things yet because I’m relatively new to sewing, crocheting and a sewing machine, but I definitely have time (it’s winter) to figure this out for a cute spring skirt! I can only imagine all the possibilities. Kudos for such a cute idea.

      Antique Jewelry

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