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    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.

    I’m happy to announce that the Magazine Swap is officially on. You can read all the details and sign up here.

    It seems there might be many participants from the US. To be fair to everybody, I feel I must say that if the amount of US entries grows much higher than other countries, I will be forced to limit the number of US participants and it will be decided on a first come, first served basis.

    I’d hate to leave anyone out, so please tell all your non-US blog friends about the swap so we can all receive pretty foreign magazines.


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    1. Sarah | 20:03 | 5.06.06

      I have a better idea – why don’t you just ask for international volunteers to swap twice? I wouldn’t mind buying two magazines (and of course receiving two!) I suppose there might have to be some kind of co-ordination going on so that there weren’t any double-ups though….

      Also, I guess it’s going to be US paired up with non-US, as it usually ends up with these swaps. I’d love something from outside the US one of these days…. (I’m thinking Japanese craft mags here)

      Hi, I’m Sarah by the way – found you through crazycatladymel on lj, who just linked to you.

    2. Mel | 2:51 | 6.06.06

      Whoa! I come to comment, and see my name above. Freaky.

      Anyway, I know there are TONS of people who commented earlier that they wanted to play, and I don’t want to be a usurper (since I’m in the US). I just wanted to say that its a great idea! I would love to trade for some Japanese Craft mags. Have a bunch of fun!

    3. caitlyn | 7:43 | 6.06.06

      Thank you so much for organizing!

    4. hazelblackberry | 17:24 | 6.06.06

      This is a great idea.

    5. manne | 23:55 | 6.06.06

      I’d love to participate, but I’m not sure you’ll understand Norwegian magazines… I’ll be happy to translate if needed!

    6. sarah | 5:29 | 7.06.06

      Coolio! I’m in! :)

    7. Belinda | 21:45 | 7.06.06

      Hi Adriana,

      I found out about the Mag swap through Jessica at Funky finds. Anyway, I have posted a little note on the blog to see if I can drum up a bit of interest from my neck of the woods. Hopefully, you will get a few international sign ups so as many people possible can share in the fun!! Thanks for co-ordinating :)



    8. Kristy | 0:16 | 8.06.06

      Hi,I just signed up for the swap!I heard about it via Domesticali.I have a whole heap of UK home decorating mags Country Living,Period Homes,Interiors etc so do the mags have to be new?I don’t mind either way but would love to send my stash out!

    9. Krista | 9:20 | 8.06.06

      Weehoo! Signed up, can’t wait to find out where my partener is from! You’ve got a great turn-out, and a fantastic assortment of countries, should be tons of fun :)

    10. Marsy | 12:16 | 8.06.06

      What a great idea. I’m a total magazine fiend. I hope there’s lots of worldwide interest. It should be fun.

    11. valentina | 16:02 | 8.06.06

      Ack! I *must* be part of a magazine swap! I am currently in the US, but as of Aug 1, I’ll be permanently in Switzerland. If you let me play, I’ll send mags from both places! Or maybe I should just pretend I’m already in Switzerland and make a cousin of mine send the mag? That’s it! Please?

    12. Gemma | 1:18 | 9.06.06

      I signed up too! How exciting, I’d love to get a magazine from the US! I found you through Posy.

    13. Hannah | 12:14 | 11.06.06

      hi, I have just signed up, and i am in the UK, I love magazines so it is the ideal swap for me!! I heard about the swap from Domesticali also. I would also be happy to send out 2 magazines and recieve 2 back from different people (like sarah suggested above)if you need more non-US participants!! I will also tell my friends and see if they want to join.

    14. Erin | 19:20 | 11.06.06

      Hiya, I just signed up for your swap. I’m a magazine junkie living in Australia but am a U.S. citizen and regularly purchase U.S. mags from Borders (or I get my family to send them). I hate to be a pest, but if it’s possible to get a non-U.S. swap partner, that would be great. I’ll happily swap for Norwegian magazines I don’t understand!

      I’m also willing to swap twice if that helps. Thanks.

    15. Anastasia | 23:46 | 12.06.06

      I signed up too – another mag junkie here!!

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