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  1. Fabric goodness

    One of the many good things about having a baby is the fact that you have a great excuse to go fabric shopping and start sewing… with a deadline! I couldn’t find any curtains I really loved for the nursery. They were either too pale – we’re going for bright colours – or too sheer […]

  2. Summer necklace

    I have a very distinct memory of running to my mum’s room as a child whenever she was tidying up her closet. My mum had the coolest treasures hidden away. Fantastic clogs that made me look so tall and that I wore until my feet outgrew them and it was really dangerous walk in them, […]

  3. Bimbulli

    Oh, how I’ve missed you. Work has been hectic and quite tense lately as big deadlines approach, which leaves little time for crafting. Does anyone else get grumpy when they don’t do something creative for a few days? As a web developer I spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a computer screen […]

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