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  1. Bits and pieces

    Happy Halloween everyone! A brief update on crafty bits of my life. My birthday last month brought about major spoiling by lovely friends and family. I got lots of books and have finally managed to update my craft library. It is quite amazing to see my craft books all lined up. One the one hand, […]

  2. Reading time

    What better way to spend the weekend than reading some new craft books? For a while now I’ve been researching embroidery books. Apart from a bit of cross stitch here and there, I haven’t embroidered anything since primary school, which is many more years ago than I care to remember. I asked around for recommendations […]

  3. Playing with beads

    I got a lovely beading book for Christmas and I couldn’t resist the colour of these beads in the shop. Put two and two together and you’ve got me working away on my next project. Surprise, surprise. My first knitting project of the year is still on my needles but coming along quite nicely. Here’s […]

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