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  1. 365 ~ Days 1 to 7

    Following Benita‘s lead, I’ve decided to take at least one photo a day to keep me connected to my creative side. Here’s the first week. This kid is constant motion. Even when tired. Transferring frozen cubes of homemade food into storage bags. The little one has food for quite a while now. Finding inspiration to […]

  2. Fall cleaning

    It’s amazing how fast six weeks can slip by, especially if they’re full of dear visitors, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and of course, a growing baby. This summer was definitely a hectic and fun one full of new adventures. The kid is now a little over 3 months, which means the house has been in a […]

  3. Last craft of the year

    Don’t worry, I don’t mean this year but the last one. Between the mad dash between Christmas and New Year, I decided I needed to finally sew covers for the new pillows we’d had for ages lying in the spare room. It was part trying to get a head start on organising the house – […]

  4. Natural cleaning

    Thanks for all the welcome backs. It feels nice to know you were all still checking up on the blog. So, one of my resolutions for this new season was to try and be more earth-friendly while cleaning the house. I wasn’t sure where to start and so I bought a copy of “Clean House, […]

  5. Results

    A month ago I started Spring Cleaning and was very pleasantly surprised to see that I wasn’t alone in my efforts. Many of you happily joined in and even posted your progress in your blogs. So much fun and inspiration! I’m happy to report that my own house is looking clean and tidy. I’ve decided […]

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