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  1. Sewing away

    There you have it, mystery revealed. Or at least part of it ;-) All those dotty fabrics were used to create bedding for our little one’s bassinet. I must say I’m quite pleased with it, especially for having been done on the fly! This is where the baby will sleep by our bed for the […]

  2. Patience

    Sewing away at my secret project. It’s taking longer than I thought but I think that’s due to a combination of things. I am making things up as I go along – checking an already made item and a pattern – and I think I finally understand what my gran tried to teach me all […]

  3. Fabric goodness

    One of the many good things about having a baby is the fact that you have a great excuse to go fabric shopping and start sewing… with a deadline! I couldn’t find any curtains I really loved for the nursery. They were either too pale – we’re going for bright colours – or too sheer […]

  4. Last craft of the year

    Don’t worry, I don’t mean this year but the last one. Between the mad dash between Christmas and New Year, I decided I needed to finally sew covers for the new pillows we’d had for ages lying in the spare room. It was part trying to get a head start on organising the house – […]

  5. Mini holiday

    It’s funny how fast time flies. You post on your blog about something thinking that you’ll come back to it soon only to find out that summer keeps calling your name and before you know it, almost a whole month has gone by. I didn’t really plan to disappear, it just happened. We had guests […]

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